The Family Support Foundation for Mental Illness was created in 2008 to help improve the lives of individuals and families who face the challenges of mental illness.  Too often, our loved ones suffer privately, without the compassion and support they deserve.  Even in our modern age of enlightenment, mental illness is still stigmatized, feared, and misunderstood.  The Family Support Foundation for Mental Illness is working toward the day when our friends and family members living with mental illnesses are viewed no differently than those living with other illnesses.


We are dedicated to the belief that we all should help those suffering feel a little less alone, a little less invisible, a little less like no one understands and no one cares.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support individuals and families coping with mental illness by being an audible, positive voice and by supporting the good work of others.  Our voice can be heard through public service announcements, events and speaking engagements, educating lawmakers and the media, and internet-based outreach though our web site and online social networks.  We support other non-profit organizations that share our goals and have been strong leaders on mental health issues.


Dream. Strive. Believe.

Dream Strive Believe is a proud declaration of the Family Support Foundation’s philosophy of hope and courage.

Dream - Strive - Believe!

Dream of the future you want,even when it feels far away.

Strive to achieve your dreams, even in the face of great challenges.

Believe in yourself that you can reach your dreams, even when confronted with hardship and setbacks.


Support Us

With the help of corporate and individual donors, the Family Support Foundation for Mental Illness has provided greatly needed funds and increased awareness for leading non-profit organizations, such as NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Operation Resilient Families, and Active Minds.  Please help us do even more with a tax deductible donation. Your generosity will make an important difference for individuals and families who truly deserve our support.